Growing Grateful: Ancient origins and new neuroscience

Gratitude has been called the mother of all virtues and the key that unlocks all doors. This episode explores the etymology of "thank you" and the modern science of the grateful brain. Specific gratitude practices are shared that are scientifically proven to grow key regions of the brain, increase life satisfaction and enhance overall well-being.

(Music "Mindful Zone" by Chris Russell)

Todd Fink
Compassionate Communication

What we are speaks louder than what we say. This episode explores the legend of Buddha transforming Mara's arrows into flowers and how we can cultivate that power in modern life with the acronym PETALS.  Each letter stands for a mindfulness-based strategy for resolving interpersonal conflicts.

(Music from "Helix" by Russell Norman, courtesy of Crooked Creek Records; Music "Mindful Zone" by Chris Russell courtesy of Chris Russell)

Todd Fink
Anatomy of Habit

This episode explores the basic brain science behind our habits and routines and how to utilize those scientific insights, along with techniques from wisdom traditions, to experience more fulfillment. 

“You must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light and of every moment of your life.”                                                                                                                    -Walt Whitman

(Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed from Enlightened Audio)

Bouncing Back: New perspectives on resilience

Psychological resilience typically refers to the ability to regain emotional balance and stability after encountering stressful or traumatic events.  This talk explores how emotional maturity, positive attitude, and creativity influence this life skill.   Also included are recent studies and scientific evidence that expand our conventional understanding of resilience and demonstrate the need for mindful strategies for changing our relationship with problems.

(Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed from Enlightened Audio)