Inner Calm: The Science Of Mindfulness

A Sample List Of Presentations || These can be adapted for different audiences


An estimated 40 million adults suffer from anxiety in America.  Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness and 25% of all teens are affected. The factors involved in this widespread epidemic will be explored along with the various themes and patterns in modern daily life that contribute to increased stress.  Attendees will learn about mindfulness and have the opportunity to experience simple, effective techniques for relaxation.  Mindfulness is a particular way of directing awareness which cultivates openness, curiosity and flexibility.  This practice has many scientifically-validated benefits for our physical and emotional health.

Growing Grateful

Gratitude has been called the mother of all virtues and the key that unlocks all doors.  This group explores the etymology of the word gratitude and shares the modern science of the grateful brain.  Specific gratitude practices will be taught that are scientifically proven to increase life satisfaction and well-being.

Power Of Positivity


Compassionate Communication


Mind Body Culture 

How does positive thinking affect our brain and biology?  Research and insights will be shared from the emerging field of positive psychology, which studies the mind and behavior of happy and healthy people. Participants will learn simple and effective techniques to build a more positive attitude and culture and enjoy numerous scientifically-validated health benefits.

This group introduces mindfulness-based strategies for resolving interpersonal conflicts and skillful interaction with others.  This includes empathic listening, healthy boundaries and respectful assertiveness - with the aim of improving dynamics among family, friends, co-workers and everyone else.  

This group takes a look at different cultural attitudes, perceptions and customs in America and around the world and the researched impact on health and longevity.  In this context, culture applies to much more than nationality or ethnicity and includes work culture, family culture, school culture, community culture and beyond.  Attendees will learn how to identify stress-inducing themes from our various cultural connections and how to build positive subcultures that support health and well-being.